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Air Filter Replacement Services

The car air filter sits in the air box or on the cold air intake cone to pull dirt particles out of the air flowing into your engine. The replacement process for this filter is pretty simple. A technician will simply lift the filter out of the container and replace it with a new filter.

Fuel Filter Swap

The fuel filter sits in one of two places, either just beneath your hood or near the gas tank. This filter keeps dirt from sitting in the gas tank and clogging up the fuel lines as well as injector nozzles. As a result, the filter gets dirty, especially if you drive a lot of miles each year.

Your Econolube technician will indicate the right time to come in for filter changes upon inspection. If you notice a problem, please take your car to a technician to receive an inspection and possible filter change service.

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Re-Refined Oil

Econo Lube provides competent automotive repair and maintenance, such as oil changes, brake service, and much more, but also allows you to "GO GREEN" by now also offering RE-REFINED OIL CHANGES.

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Re-Refined Oil