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Tune Up Services

Econolube offers auto tune up services when you need them. Overtime, even if your engine is working properly, your automotive parts can become subject to wear and tear.

What happens in a Car Tune Up?

Your engine uses a series of interconnected components to get your engine up and running. If these components wear down and fail, your engine will not properly complete the combustion cycle. To ensure your engine receives the three elements of air, fuel, and spark received from these components, the skilled automotive technicians at your local Econolube can perform a tune up service on your vehicle to ensure your engine is working properly.

Details of an auto tune up service will include replacing the cap, rotor, spark plugs, wires, and PCV valve. Technicians will also double check to verify if your car requires air, oil, and fuel filter replacement.

How Often Should I Schedule an Auto Tune Up Service?

To determine the best time to receive your tune up, your technician will check the recommended schedule provided by your vehicle's manufacturer. The technician will also take into account the amount of miles, and how old your vehicle is. After your tune up is performed, the technician can then determine the ideal timing for your next service appointment and will provide a return date as well as the amount of miles your car can have added to it before another tune up is needed.

Following the maintenance schedule will help to ensure your vehicles engine stability and overall health of your car.

How Auto Tune Up Shops Work

Your technician will start the tune up process by inspecting parts that are subject to wear and tear. A close inspection of the cap, rotor, and spark plugs can help technicians identify problems in your engine. Often, technicians must completely replace the worn components with brand new parts to keep your engine system running safely.

Coming In For Your First Tune Up?

Any time you notice engine start issues or declining performance, it is best to visit a local Econolube shop and have a professional take a look. Often, it can be a simple part replacement to restore the functionality of your vehicle.

A trusted Econolube technician can provide you with a list and cost estimate of your vehicle’s specific needs.

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