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Wiper Blades Services

When the edge wears down, your wipers may not be able remove all of the grime and moisture, leaving big smudges across your windshield. The wipers can also start to make a screeching sound. The good news is you can easily have your old windshield wipers replaced with new ones by your automotive technician.

Selecting Wiper Blades

There are a number of brand and product line choices when choosing a windshield wiper replacement. The type of windshield wiper you choose directly affects its ability to remove moisture and unwanted particles from your line of sight.

Technicians can help you select ideal wipers for your vehicle by identifying the ones that fit your windshields shape most efficiently.

Additional Maintenance Service

While having your windshield wipers replaced, your technician will also fill your washer fluid and test the functionality of the system. The technician will also check all of the fluid exit points to make sure none of the lines have blockages that might affect the spray pattern.

Make sure to use the washer fluid to clean off your windshield and wiper blades regularly to keep residue off your windshield and ensure that your wiper fluid exit points are functioning properly.

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Re-Refined Oil

Econo Lube provides competent automotive repair and maintenance, such as oil changes, brake service, and much more, but also allows you to "GO GREEN" by now also offering RE-REFINED OIL CHANGES.

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