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Radiator Services

Radiator Repair Services

When your Radiator begins to fail your temperature gauge will start to read extremely high. When this happens visit a local Econolube immediately to avoid more damage.

How Radiators Work

Radiators push the coolant through a series of interconnected tubes to keep heat out of the fluids. As the coolant passes through the radiator, heat sinks help bring the temperatures back down to appropriate levels.

The fan will also turn on and attempt to cool down the fluid temperatures before the coolant flows back through the engine. This process happens constantly and keeps your engine from overheating.

As the radiator ages, the coolant tubes may clog up, blocking the flow of the fluid through the system. If this happens, your cooling system will build up, causing pressure which can damage the hoses, water pump, and thermostat.

Diagnostic Techniques

If you notice the temperature gauge on your dash reading too high, you should go to a technician to have your radiator and cooling system checked for problems.

Technicians will start by checking the radiator for cold spots to ensure that the system flows well and that there are no blockages. Then they will inspect the engine bay for leaks. Technicians can also test the overall temperature and pressure in the coolant system to confirm that your engine is running properly.

Quality Repairs

Technicians approach the radiator repair process by thoroughly identifying the parts that may be causing the problem before suggesting a complete radiator replacement or other repairs.

If your radiator has a blockage, it may be necessary to have that part replaced with a new one to rectify the problem. Technicians can perform a flush to attempt to break the blockage down before moving ahead with the radiator replacement.

After performing the radiator service, technicians will test drive your vehicle to make sure it maintains the proper operating temperature. If the temps or pressure rating rises too high or low even after switching out the radiator, technicians will retest the other parts in the system to identify the problem. With radiator problems, it's common to see multiple parts contributing to the lack of flow or blockage.

When To Come Into The Shop

When you suspect a problem with your radiator, please visit your local Econolube to have your car inspected and repaired. Acting on this issue promptly will benefit you in the long run. Delaying the repair could cause costly damage repair.

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