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Transmission Services

When this highly advanced piece of the drive train system does not operate as designed, the vehicle can lose power, produce a burning smell, experience reduced fuel efficiency, or even generate clunking and humming sounds. If your vehicle has any of these issues or if your check engine light comes on, there is a good chance that you need transmission service repair.

Transmission Repairs and Maintenance

If there is an issue with your transmission, a technician can perform a test using your engines computer to find out if there is a problem in the control system. They can also identify the electrical component that needs to be replaced.

The issue might be due to a sensor malfunction instead of a mechanical problem. In other cases, the transmission fluid might need to be changed or flushed.

Transmission Flush

If necessary, having your transmission flushed can help get your vehicle back up and running efficiently. A transmission flush is a service that helps push out grime and sludge that has accumulated in the transmission and can cause blockages. First, the old fluid is removed. Then, new fluid and sometimes cleaning solutions are run through the transmission lines to help remove the unwanted debris. Finally, the transmission is filled back up with new fluid.

Transmission Fluid Change

Technicians will follow the procedure recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer when performing the transmission flush. If necessary, the technician may change the transmission filter as well. The worst case scenario is that the transmission will need to be replaced or rebuilt.

You should always have a technician change your transmission fluid at regular intervals to avoid replacement and overheating.

Econolube Transmission Service Shops

Following your vehicles manufacturer recommendations regarding your transmission service schedule will allow your vehicle to function as designed. Call or visit your local Econolube for quality transmission service at a competitive price.

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